Most of our career transition clients consider themselves "stuck."


Often they are looking for another role (either internally or externally) and want a coach to help them create a career transition strategy, identify next potential roles, and work on their personal brand and networking approach to land their next meaningful position.

What is career development for experienced professionals?

At its core, it's getting unstuck.



Co-create a plan to find meaningful work.

Our approach to developing a career transition strategy includes self-assessment, goal setting, and a focus on culture and role fit.  Strong emphasis is placed on networking, and how to build authentic, mutually-beneficial relationships for the long haul.


Being a top candidate requires a strong online presence and reputation.

Gone are the days of getting an interview (or a job no less) based on the quality of your resume, pedigree, or GPA.  Employers, recruiters, and hiring managers have many tools at their disposal to screen out candidates.  Rising to the top means not only having, but consistently updating an online profile and social media presence.


Once you land the job, the hard work has only just begun.

Exciting as a new job can be, it can also be overwhelming to navigate the new team, culture, and expectations alone.  We also provide transition coaching once people have landed in new roles so they can process the changes and be intentional about the impact they make in the first 90 days.

You were (and are!) always energetic and engaging, and really took the time to get to know ME and my priorities, goals, experiences, and background. From the very beginning, it was like to talking to a trusted friend for advice.

                                                       ~Career Transition Client




Let's find out! Schedule a free session today to explore how Leadership Refinery can help take your talent to the next level.

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