Jill Hauwiller has coached hundreds of professionals around the globe in the areas of leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, career transition,  building strong teams, and work-life integration. While Jill’s specialty is assessing and coaching high potential and high performing leaders, she also speaks and facilitates strategic meetings for organizations and senior leadership teams. She is a sought after conference presenter at national and global events on leadership development, emotional intelligence, and career planning & transition. Jill continues to teach and provide executive coaching in business schools for graduate students and executive education programs.


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Keynote Speaking & Workshop Topics

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Career and Life Success

Why  is  everyone  talking  about  emotional  intelligence  lately?  Jill  leads  audiences  through  an  interactive  discussion  of  emotional  intelligence  in  our  work  and  personal  lives.    She  explores  the  competencies  that  have  been  researched  and  connected  to  personal  and  professional  success.


What  makes  a  great  leader?  What  kind  of  leader  are  you  today,  and  what  kind  of  leader  would  you  like  to  be  in  the  future?  Jill  leads  this  interactive  session  exploring  your  own  personal  leadership  style  and  the  skills  necessary  for  your  success  in  the  future.

Grow and Sustain a Lifelong 
Professional Network

Do you struggle with networking? Are you looking for ways to be more authentic and strategic in building professional relationships? Jill leads diverse and dynamic groups through the topics of authentic and strategic networking. In this session, participants walk away with a network analysis, networking plan, and tips for maintaining relationships for the long term.

Personal  Brand:  Sharing  Who  You  Are  and  Why  You  Do  What  You  Do

What  is  the  story  of  you,  and  why  do  you  need  to  tell  it  well?  In  this  talk  Jill  explores  the  7  pillars  of  personal  brand,  and  how  to  better  articulate  who  you  are  and  why  your  work  matters.

What’s  Next?  Career  Planning Strategies  Everyone  Can  Use

Do  you  ever  wonder  what  else  you  could  do professionally?  Are  you  curious  about  where  your  skills  and  experiences  may  take  you?  You  will  walk  away  from  this  talk  with  a  plan  that  connects  your  goals  and  aspirations  to  steps  you  can  take  immediately  to  grow  in  your  role  today  and  leave  a  legacy  for  the  future.

Your  Strengths

This  talk  is  designed  to  help  you  start  identifying  and  leveraging  your  unique  strengths  so  you  can  make  your  greatest  contribution  at  work.  Attendees  leave  Jill’s  talk  with  a  greater  understanding  of  individual  and  team  strengths,  and  how  to  maximize  them  for  greater  impact.  


Keynote Speaking & Workshop

Client Testimonials

When I was new in my role, I  needed  a  facilitator  who  could  ensure  the  leadership  team  got  strategic  work  done,  stayed  focused,  and  had  some  fun–  a  step  towards  an  aligned  team,  with  a  set  of  shared  commitments  for  the  coming  year.  You  provided  a  foundation  for  the  team  to  work  together  on  specific  initiatives  that  we  determined  were  priorities  while  also  assisting  the  team  to  work  more  effectively  cross  functionally.

M A Mortenson Company

Thank you for  sharing  all  your  knowledge  and  resources  with  us  and  helping  us  kick  off  our  conference.  This  is  a  big  event  for  the  team  and  we  were  grateful  to  have  your  help  to  make  it  so  meaningful  and  relevant  to  all.

United  Healthcare

You are professional, knowledgeable,  business-focused,  and  able  to  connect  with  a  diverse  audience  (from  C  suite  to  new  leaders).  You  have  an  ability  to  translate  vision  into  project  plans  and  learning  outcomes.  After  working  with  you,  we  have  a  common  framework  and  language  aligned  with  our  organization  vision/mission/values.

HR Leader
Monteris Medical

Thank you for being a speaker at our conference.  You  did  a  fantastic  job.  The  subjects  that  you  presented  continued  to  be  discussed  and  referenced  for  the  entire  conference.  Your  presentation  was  such  a  big  hit,  that  people  are  asking  to  get  copies  of  your  presentation.

Systems Engineer
The Toro Company

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