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Do your summer plans include a return to the office? More organizations are moving ahead with a return to in-office work this month with additional office re-openings planned for over the coming months. July 6 after the Independence Day holiday weekend and Sept. 7 after the Labor Day holiday weekend (and when many kids are scheduled to return to school!) are popular choices for re-opening dates.

As a leader, what are you doing to prepare your employees for this next round of change? Working with your team to anticipate and adjust for barriers to returning to the office is a great place to start. If you are weeks or months away from being back on-site, start having these conversations now. If you already back in the office after a period of remote work, check in with your team to see how they are doing. Thinking about reintegration goes right along with resilience. For more tips on building a resilient workplace that works for your team, check out the resiliency article in the "Recent articles" section. With so many of my clients and colleagues going through variations on a return to the office, please reach out if this is something you are struggling with. I will share what I am hearing and working on with clients to bring together the latest thinking on development and culture for employees who have been working elsewhere for months and hybrid teams.

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