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Women participating in an 18-month career development and promotion process at a Big 4 accounting firm received 360 feedback reporting increased confidence and enhanced ability to influence others. During the coaching process, Leadership Refinery worked with the participants to develop action plans to drive their career trajectory.


Using emotional intelligence assessments to develop a tailored coaching plan, Leadership Refinery worked with a PhD scientist and technical expert in the medical device industry to strengthen his human skills. Peers and multiple levels of leadership provided positive feedback about his growth in empathy, communication, stress management and influencing skills.


Following a 12 month coaching process that leveraged 360 feedback and other assessments, a newly promoted CFO at a Fortune 50 manufacturing company on expat assignment in the US was leading with more confidence and stronger peer relationships. He  was also entrusted with additional responsibilities as a result of his leadership growth.


After designing a peer coaching program for the senior leadership team of a family-owned, multinational manufacturing company and facilitating the initial training during an offsite meeting, Leadership Refinery was invited back to support the team as they practiced coaching skills to address real-world problems facing their business.


A senior leader in the financial services industry was at risk of losing his seat at executive meetings, permanently.  Using select assessments and 360 feedback, the leader partnered with Leadership Refinery to build an action plan to restore his boss and peers’ confidence. Within six months, he regained control of his reputation and was promoted.


“The best-designed program I have EVER seen.” That’s what a lead instructional designer at a Fortune 10 company said about the Personal Brand program that Leadership Refinery designed and delivered for the organization’s entire learning and instructional design team as part of their employee development program.


Leadership Refinery coached an IT leader in the healthcare industry as part of her customized leadership development program. As part of the process, she attended multi-day workshops on women in leadership and took on action learning projects with internal sponsors and mentors. The CIO noticed significant growth in confidence and perseverance in just three months.


Leadership Refinery quickly responded to an emerging client need to address employee wellbeing at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. An agriculture company engaged us to design a four-part virtual program which was designed and delivered over the course of six weeks. Hundreds of employees participated in the live webinars.

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