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Emotional Intelligence Training in Minneapolis


Leadership Refinery’s founder, Jill Hauwiller, is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and educator. Her experience coaching hundreds of professionals around the world allows her to bring together the themes of leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, leading through transition, building strong teams and work-life integration. In addition to consulting and presenting, Jill continues to teach and provide executive coaching in business schools for graduate students and executive education programs.

Emotional intelligence: The key to career and life success

Why is everyone talking about emotional intelligence lately? Jill leads audiences through an interactive discussion of emotional intelligence in our work and personal lives. She explores the competencies that have been researched and connected to personal and professional success.

Authentic leadership

What makes a great leader? With a unique focus on creating a positive and intentional legacy on every team, project and function that leaders guide, Jill leads this interactive session exploring personal leadership style and the skills necessary for success and organizational impact today and in the future.

Personal brand: Sharing who you are and why you do what you do

Employees who know their purpose and values act with personal integrity. In this talk, Jill explores the seven pillars of personal brand and helps employees to better articulate who they are and why their work matters. They will leave this session with resources they can use to strengthen their professional contributions.

What’s next? Career planning strategies everyone can use

Do you struggle with networking? Are you looking for ways to be more authentic and strategic in building professional relationships? Jill leads diverse and dynamic groups through the topics of authentic and strategic networking. In this session, participants walk away with network analysis, networking plan, and tips for maintaining relationships for the long term.

Bolster employee confidence through strengths discovery

Boost employee engagement and confidence with this workshop which will help them to start identifying and leveraging their unique strengths so they can make their greatest contributions at work. Attendees leave Jill’s talk with a greater understanding of individual and team strengths, and how to maximize them for greater impact.

Psychological safety: Why it matters

Studies show that having psychological safety at work can increase retention, boost employee engagement, and increase productivity and innovation. It allows employees to be vulnerable at work, know their opinions matter, and be creative in solving problems. This session will help you to develop psychological safety on your team.

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