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It can be tempting as a leader to prioritize work over rest. After all, the success of your team and organization are dependent on your efforts, right? Yes, but... we all need to step away from our work from time to time. Finding a way to disconnect is an important skill for personal wellbeing for leaders. Distance brings renewed energy, perspective and focus. It offers an opportunity to reflect and reprioritize.

That's why I am looking forward to taking an extended trip with my husband and two kids this month. In fact, we will be on the road when you get this newsletter thanks to the ability to schedule emails! As you consider your schedule and priorities for the rest of 2021, what opportunities do you have to disconnect? As a leader, how do you model healthy boundaries for time and energy? What are the routine things you can do in the day-to-day to promote your sense of wellbeing? If you need some inspiration on connecting leadership and wellbeing, check out the 7-day challenge from the Center for Creative Leadership in the infographic below. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try.

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