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How much attention do you pay to the seasons? Not just winter, spring, summer and fall, but also the seasons and cycles of your career and personal life. To mix my nature metaphors here, there can be an ebb and flow to demands on our time and attention. As a leader, how you engage with these differences can feed your wellbeing if you allow (or create!) periods of relative dormancy to be times for restoring your energy and focus.

For my business and family, it makes sense to carve out time for connection and rest during our beautiful Minnesota summers. I actively manage my client workload to step away for a couple of weeks in July and August so that my family can travel together. Your timing and interests may look different than ours, but regardless, it is important to consider how and when to take breaks. As leaders, we need to model that rest and time away from work is important and part of our accepted workplace culture. As people, it is important to remember that distance can bring fresh perspectives. It is worth the effort and preparation that taking a vacation or stay-cation requires. I see this frequently with my clients how time away from their work (and devices) builds trust within their teams and renews their interest in and passion for their work. I would love to hear how you manage recharging in your life.

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