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Celebrating milestones reminds us of where we've been and how we've grown. This newsletter represents a milestone for me and I am glad you are here to share it! The first issue of Leadership, Clarified. was published a year ago. Whether you've been reading along the whole time or this is your first issue, thank you for being part of this community. I have enjoyed the conversations and connections the newsletter has prompted. If you have a friend or colleague who might also find it useful, please encourage them to join us by subscribing. I appreciate your support and feedback.

It's been hard to miss on social media and elsewhere: May is Mental Health month. I think the ubiquity of these conversations is a good thing because the topic is immense and many of us have something to contribute to it. Whether it is working to redefine success as illustrated in the popular graphic from Liz Fosslein below or committing to self-care through a connection with nature, there are things we can do as individuals to work toward a healthier sense of self. As leaders, we can also influence a workplace culture that supports wellbeing. There are several resources on that topic below.

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