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Whether you are into setting resolutions for the new year or not, there is something significant that happens in our brains when we flip the calendar to a new year. We think more about goals and opportunities and may have a greater sense of the possibilities in front of us. Our personal purpose and reason for being come to the forefront. My theme for the month is purpose - how we find it and how we live it. It's something my clients and peers are spending a lot of time thinking about now, too. For me, spending time in nature - even in the Minnesota winter, while snowshoeing - helps me gain perspective and reconnect with my personal purpose. Below you will find articles, graphics and even a video to help you think through how your life today aligns with your purpose and steps you can take to move the two closer together. Coaching sessions can be a great way to support this transition, if you want more guidance. On the topic of supporting you, my clients and peers, over the past several months, I have been looking for an easy way to share my preferred resources on the topics we talk about here - like purpose, emotional intelligence, advancing women leaders and more. Curated reading lists on are my answer to the common question from clients and colleagues, "what do you recommend?" This is an affiliate program, so I will receive a small commission for books purchased through my page. But more importantly, together we are helping small, independent booksellers because uses proceeds from its online sales to support local bookstores.

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