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I started the month off at Linkage's Women in Leadership conference - in person! I found it so energizing to be back in a room with inspiring, committed leaders and speakers. It made me grateful for the perspective the last year and a half has provided on what's important and how capable we are of adapting to evolving circumstances. As we inch toward the end of the year, I find myself reflecting on what is meaningful in my work and how I support clients in achieving their purpose. I am grateful for the experiences and training that have paved the way for my current work. I am grateful for the clients who trust me with the challenges they are facing. I am grateful for my network of peers (like Angela Grosvenor, a friend and executive coach, pictured with me above), supporters and friends who expand my thinking, offer referrals, and generally make the world more fun and interesting. I invite you to join me in a gratitude practice by taking five minutes after you read this newsletter to reflect on who and what you are most grateful for now.

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