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Over the last year and a half, we have all experienced disruptions to our typical seasonal patterns and activities. Despite all of the change, there's something about the end of summer and beginning of fall that gets me in planning and learning mode - and perhaps even looking for upgrades to my office supplies! As a leader, you can lean into this back-to-school mindset by updating your own learning objectives and development goals for the year ahead. What experiences, certifications or interests, could you make time for? As I head back to the virtual and in-person classrooms at the University of St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota this fall, I will be encouraging the students to spend time reflecting on how continuous learning advances their careers. Leading by example, I am starting a new certification this month called the Fearless Organization Scan. I am excited to add this assessment to the services I provide for clients because of the research behind it and the insights I am confident it will lead to. For personal growth, I have registered for classes at the University of Minnesota - Center for Spirituality and Healing to complete my Reiki master training, an area of study that I first began over a decade ago. Understanding the affects of energy and movement in the human body is a personal passion of mine, and my continuing study of Reiki will complement the yoga teacher training certification I completed a few years ago. My commitment to being a life-long learner for professional and personal growth has made a difference in my mindset when it comes to new opportunities. I hope you find similar expansive benefits from personal and professional education.

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