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There is something about the start of fall and back to school. I have two school-aged kids at home so this time of year means a return to routine and predictability. It can be a tough shift after a more relaxed summer schedule, but on the other hand, all of our days are filled with new experiences and learning opportunities this time of year. As a life-long learner, I love being in the classroom - whether it's informal or formal. I am enjoying being back in the classroom this fall with executive education students. Between that, my client work and special projects, and having two kids back in school, my days are full, which connects to the theme I am thinking about this month: productivity and time management. With all of the demands on us as leaders, how do we use our time wisely? What does it even mean to be wise about our time? I share a few thoughts on this in my most recent article, linked below. For me, paying attention to personal energy throughout the day and week and planning work and life around those ebbs and flows as much as I can makes all the difference in how I feel and what I get done.

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